Learning Comes In Many Ways

This week, I had an opportunity to go to Carver-Lyon Elementary School to observe the school’s Chinese New Year festival! Students joined with Chinese performers who sang, danced and drummed. The students were able help interpret songs as well provide other feedback during the performances. Following those selections, students participated in their own Chinese New Year parade in the halls of the school, with costumes and all.

Carver-Lyon is home of the Richland One Language Immersion Program. The pre-K and kindergarten students in the program are taught in English and in Mandarin Chinese or Spanish. This is the first year of the program, which will expand next year to include first grade.

We appreciate the work that is being done in the Language Immersion Program and the wonderful educational experiences our students are having in learning other languages and learning about other cultures. Whether it is New Year’s Day or a regular school day, learning comes in many ways.