Empowering the Village

This week, we held two Parent Empowerment for Student Success meetings. We shared district data and we talked about the various instructional strategies, tools and resources that teachers and schools use to facilitate learning at all grade levels: pre-K and early childhood, elementary, middle and high. Parents had an opportunity to see how all of the skills and expectations are stacked up and build upon each other. (We call this vertical articulation in education-speak).

The presentation also gave parents an opportunity to see how important that what happens at the very earliest of ages and grades can impact a child’s academic path through high school. We also shared information about the support systems at all levels that we use to help students succeed and achieve mastery of standards. Just as we do with students, it is important to make the connections to see how all of this fits together.

And speaking of fitting together, our staff shared valuable information about how parents, caregivers and others can support student learning and engagement from the early years through high school and beyond. This can include reading to and with a child or having their child create a science question while grocery shopping. We also provided parents with a guide with strategies to use to support and continue what we do in the classroom.

We take student achievement and our goal of improving outcomes for all of our students very seriously and will continue to reach out for all stakeholders to support us in this regard. So, don’t worry if you were not able to attend the sessions this week. The parent guides will be made available online, at schools, child care facilities and other educational partners.

We are all a part of the educational village!