My First Twitter Chat

Effective and ongoing two-way communication is and always has been important for any business or organization. Today, in this time of social media, it is critical.

With this in mind, I had my first live Twitter Chat on Monday evening. I must say that I hope it was as exciting for those who participated as it was for me … I had a ball! Participants in the online conversation included district employees, parents, community members and others from near and far – that’s the beauty of social media. I also learned that there were some who followed the chat but did not participate. I hope to hear from those individuals during the next one.

Questions and comments covered areas such as our Digital Learning Environment (DLE) initiative, increasing student attendance, goals for Richland One and even my favorite book as a child.  While the Q&A was very good, what I consider to be most important is the fact that we have created yet another opportunity for us to communicate, collaborate and share information and ideas with our stakeholders.

I want to thank our Communications and IT staff and our resident Twitter guru, Jordan Slice from the Office of Accountability, Assessment, Research and Evaluation (AARE), for their assistance and support with my first Twitter Chat. It was a team effort indeed. In case you missed it, we will do it again soon!